This project is part of the financing program of the European GNSS Agency for the research and innovation program of Horizon 2020

Main driver

provide back-up to traditional synchronization systems based on GNSS
Increase robustness of synchronization based on Galileo
S04 is meant to work in parallel with GPS/GALILEO synchronization in order to reach full technological redundancy

Market segment

  • S04 addresses those networks that require outstanding timing accuracy (~100ns) and high reliability
  • Major: broadcasting networks (esp. Single Frequency Network)
  • Other: finance, science

Main features to address user needs

S04 allows to synchronize user terminals of a network by means of a GEO satellite and a set of two-way stations

  • GNSS independence, i.e. the system realizes technological redundancy with respect to GNSS-based systems.
  • Timing accuracy ~100ns.
  • Reduction of interference with respect to GNSS-based systems.
  • No dedicated satellites: any (commercial) geostationary satellite can be used.


Best achieved performance: PPS is stably oscillating in a range narrower than +/-100nm.

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