The IRS SCOE will then be used during ITB, EM, PFM and FM2 tests
to provide:

  • 6 nom. + 6 red. Power I\Fs with 8A LCL class
  • 2 nom. + 2 red. Power I\Fs with 5A LCL class
  • 6 nom. + 6 red. Power I\Fs with 2A LCL class
  • 6 nom. + 6 red. discrete CMDs HV-HPC
  • LOBT Synchronization
  • TSM 4-values simulator for 365 NTC and 14 PT-2000 sensors
  • 162 DC loads (464Ω 5.5W each)

to acquire:

  • 40 Bi-level Switch Monitor I\Fs
  • 72 NTC sensors up to 0.15°C accuracy
  • 4 nom. + 4 red. Analogue Signal Monitor I\Fs up to 1% accuracy

to control and record:
Mil-Std-1553B bus

The equipment may be controlled via EDEN I/F by CCS.

The racks are compliant with ISO8 clean room; several sets of harness are provided including ISO8 and ISO5 cables (also to be used in TVAC).

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