The Companies

CGS S.p.A.

OHB Italia (formerly CGS Compagnia Generale per l'Area) is one of the leading companies in the design and production of space systems in Italy with more than 25 years of experience
The company boasts expertise, resources and infrastructures for the development and integration of complete space systems.

SAB Aerospace

SAB Aerospace s.r.l is based in Benevento, Ancona, Milan and Peschiello and it is specialized in the thermo-mechanical design of space and aeronautical systems and subsystems. The company's activities also include the mechanical design of lightweight, lightweight UAVs (light UAVs) for low-foot video shooting and the development and integration of navigation and control systems.


Temis s.r.l is headquartered in Benevento, Passignano Sul Trasimeno (PG) and Corbetta (MI) - is an engineering company that designs and develops electromechanical and electromechanical products for professional automotive competitions and standard cars. The company also specializes in the development of software for navigation solutions and the aerospace industry, focusing in particular on: trimming control systems, data processing and data systems, test equipment and simulation systems.

Techno System Developments

Techno System Developments s.r.l is based in Pozzuoli (NA). The company deals with:
Design and production of aircraft systems and systems, electronic units and systems for scientific payloads, digital video systems, ground systems, on-board and on-board software applications, integrated process control systems, remote control systems, acquisition, processing and Transmission, operator interface, image capture and transmission systems.

SAB Aviation

It is based in Benevento and is a consulting company in the field of aerospace, corporate finance and business management.

EKATE s.r.l.

EKATE s.r.l. Is headquartered in Campoli del Monte Taburno (BN) and it is a company providing logistics and engineering services. Works in the field of construction, architectural and plant design, as well as in energy, safety and environmental protection.