The Antares Consortium was established in January 2005.

The Consortium was originally created to promote the innovation and development of SMEs in the space sector, with C.G.S. S.p.A. (Compagnia Generale per lo Spazio - General Space Company) as the reference company, supported by an important group of companies in Campania sharing complementary and similar experience.
Antares has always focused on satisfying the design and production requirements of components and technologies for application satellites, remote sensing and telecommunications services, whilst also covering aspects of Research, Development and Industrialisation.
The associated companies – thanks to the experience and system support collaboration accumulated in the space sector, together with their equipment know-how – have been able to implement the initial developments of both the attitude control equipment and the energy subsystem as well as commercial satellite telecommunications. Through this situation, the consortium members have also acquired the technologies and resources necessary to produce a new generation of small satellites.

CGS S.p.A.

CGS S.p.A. Compagnia Generale per lo Spazio (General Space Company) is one of Italy's leading companies in the design and manufacture of space systems, and has been in business for over 25 years.

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SAB Aerospace

SAB Aerospace is based in Benevento, San Giorgio del Sannio, Ancona, Milan and Pischiello, and specialises in the thermo-mechanical design of space and aeronautical systems and subsystems.

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Temis based at the "Il Pischiello" Research Centre in Passignano Sul Trasimeno (Perugia), as well as in Benevento – is an engineering company which designs and develops electronic and electromechanical products for racing and standard production cars.

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Techno System Developments

Techno System Developments TSD is based in Pozzuoli, it's specialises in the design, development and manufacture of electronic equipment and systems. Its expertise in hardware and software development enables the company to build systems, subsystems and custom units.

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SAB Aviation

SAB Aviation is based in Benevento and is a consultancy company operating in the aerospace, corporate finance and business management sectors.

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EKATE s.r.l.

EKATE s.r.l. is based in Campoli del Monte Taburno (Benevento) and is a company that provides logistics and engineering services. It operates in the fields of construction design, architectural design and plant engineering, as well as in sectors relating to energy, security and environmental protection.

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